The role of youth participation in the success of the rural leadership project (a case study of the Hadi projects of Huev district-Savjeblag city)

Document Type : Original Article


1 PhD in Geography and Rural Planning, Environmental Quality Studies, Tarbiat Modares University

2 Member of the Faculty of Central Tehran Islamic Azad University


Due to decades of rural planning in the country, people in rural areas still face shortages and problems. In our country, at different times, they tried to improve the situation of the villages by using different development strategies, but for various reasons, including not paying attention to the role and importance of the human factor, they achieved less success. After the '70s, planners realized the importance of people attending programs. Since then, various issues have been raised for people's participation in development projects, one of which is the participation of young people in rural development projects. Youth participation means the process of involving them in determining their own destiny and feeling responsible for their future and that of society, as it is called as a goal and a means of development. In this regard the present study using quantitative (descriptive-analytical) method and distribution (92) of questionnaires among rural youth in Hugh and Shalmzar villages located in Hugh rural district of Savojbolagh city of Alborz province to investigate the impact of youth participation in different stages of the hadi 's project process Including; Participation in decision-making, participation in design (study), participation in implementation, participation in operation, participation in evaluation, participation in maintenance of the project after implementation, the results of which are obtained through statistical analysis and using t-test The obtained single group shows the desire of rural youth to participate in participatory activities and play a role in each stage of participation in the hadi 's project and witness the high impact of the success of the hadi 's project if young people participate in different stages of the project


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