Guide for Authors

It is necessary to follow the following tips and instructions to avoid delays in judging and timely publication of the journal when submitting articles:

1- The article submitted in another journal has not been published or submitted to other journals at the same time.

2- The magazine accepts articles in both Persian and English languages. In year 3 issues are published in Persian and one issue in English.

3- The article should be research and the result of the research work of the author or authors.

4- The desired article should be sent only through the journal system.

5- Be sure to send Persian and English abstracts.

6. The format of the magazine is as follows.

Title: B Lotus 16 bold

Article Titles: B Lotus 13 Bold

Article text: Be Lotus 13

Tables and maps titles: B Lotus 12 bold

Tables text: Lotus 10 thin

In-text resources (author name, year, page number)

Resources at the end: surname, name of the author or authors (year of publication) article title, journal name, period, number, pages

Source font: Be Lotus 13

For external sources times new roman font

English Article Title: Font 15 times new roman

English article titles: times new roman bold 12

Article text: times new roman 12

Tables: times new roman bold 11

Tables text: times new roman 9