Aims and Scope

The Journal of Geography and Human Relations publishes advanced research that helps to understand and analyze human relationships with each other and the natural environment in relation to economics, culture and lifestyle. Urban and rural management; Develop, implement and compete policies for natural and human landscapes and human interactions with the natural environment. It is an interdisciplinary publication that welcomes a variety of articles on methodological theories and approaches related to the social and geographical literature in the fields of Harry, rural and political, as well as by the fields of rural geography, sociology. Rural, agricultural and rural economics are defined by urban planning, urban planning and remote sensing. The journal has a global reach and requests articles based on empirical and applied research in any part of the world that is of interest to international readers. The main audience of this journal is geography researchers, social sciences, teachers and students interested in human, natural issues, trends and experiences. In general, articles that include the following areas are evaluated:
Urban geography,
Rural geography,
Remote sensing
political geography,
City-village mutual relations
Rural Sociology,
Quality of Life,
Rural economy.