Publication Ethics

                         Copyright in the Journal of Geography and Human Relations

After submitting an article, authors are required to complete the "Copyright Transfer Form **" and upload it to the journal's website when submitting an article, in order to prevent possible violations and protect intellectual property rights.

"This journal is committed to the principles of copyright as follows. Therefore, it is necessary for the authors to consider the following points before submitting the article:

1.The journal allows readers to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full text of their articles, and readers are allowed to use them for any other legal purpose.

2.This article is original, it has not been published in any other language and in any other magazine before. It is not currently under review in any other journal and its publication does not violate copyright or any other law.

3.The content of the article should not be a copy of similar articles and the authors of the article, if they use all or part of the published or unpublished content or ideas of another person or persons, should cite and cite the source in an appropriate way With permission in necessary cases.

4.All submitters of the article are aware of the content of the article, approve it and agree to submit the article to the journal and publish it in the Journal of Geography and Human Relationships.

5.All material rights are reserved for the Journal of Geography and Human Relationships, and those authors who wish to publish their published article in this journal, in the collection of articles or part of a book, must obtain the written approval of the publication by submitting a written request. .

6.Publishing tables, diagrams and photos of articles published in the journal without mentioning the source is not prohibited.

7.After publishing an article in a journal, the author cannot publish this article in another journal.

8.The Quarterly Journal of Geography and Human Relations is published under Creative Commons International Certificate 4. "Therefore, the authors and the magazine consider themselves obliged to follow its instructions."

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