Publication Ethics

                         Copyright in the Journal of Geography and Human Relations

The original copyright of an article is held by the authors (or their employer, in some cases). When that article is published, the copyright is transferred to the publisher.
Authors are allowed to retain the copyright of their articles without restriction. Authors then grant first publication rights and other non-exclusive publishing rights to the publisher.
Publisher requires transfer or exclusive license of commercial rights. This means that the author no longer owns the copyright without restriction.
Copyright terms should not conflict with license terms or open access policy terms.
Author's rights
The terms of the Creative Commons license (or other licenses) do not apply to the copyright holder. This means that when the author retains the copyright without restriction, the license applies to readers and the publisher.
But the license applies to readers and authors when:
• Copyright has been transferred to the publisher
• Author retains copyright and grants exclusive publication rights to publisher
• Author retains copyright, transfers or grants exclusive commercial rights to publisher, and non-commercial license is used.

8.The Quarterly Journal of Geography and Human Relations is published under Creative Commons International Certificate 4. "Therefore, the authors and the magazine consider themselves obliged to follow its instructions."

Creative Commons License
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