Compilation of tourism development strategies of Sardasht city with the land improvement approach

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1 Department of Geography, Payame Noor University of Mahabad, Iran

2 Department of Geography, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran.


Today,tourism activities are considered as the fourth part of human activities after agriculture,industry and services, so that it is called"invisible exports".Tourism is a valuable and balancing activity that causes economic and social development at the regional level and brings fair distribution of income as well as job creation.In this regard,the current research is considered as a series of applied researches,the results of which can greatly help managerial decisions and.Therefore,based on this goal,the tourism hub ofSardashtCity has been selected as one of the tourism hubs ofWestAzarbaijan province,which has exemplary tourism areas.The research method is descriptive-analytical.The statistical population included specialists and experts in the field of tourism planning and development,and40people were selected as a sample based on the purposeful sampling method.The research measurement tool included another questionnaire to identify strengths,weaknesses,opportunities and threats as a result of presenting strategies.The content validity of the questionnaire was confirmed using the opinions of the reviewers,and theCronbach's alpha method was used to confirm the reliability of the research instruments.SWOTandQSPM methods were used for data analysis.that the results of the analysis using theSWOTanalytical model,the findings of the research indicate that the high potential ofSardashtCity's exemplary tourism areas and the location of these areas NextTo pristine attractions can act as a driving force for economic and sustainable development based on land use in the region and are in line with better planning for this sector in order to realize the proposed strategies should include various measures such as developing and equipping communication infrastructure(transportation,internet, telecommunication,etc.)increasing the public culture of thePeople to welcome tourists,providing services suitable(welfare, health services,and tourist complexes)government support for the residents of villages for the development of tourism and the creation of tourist-friendly houses,and in line with education and empowerment,actions such as laying the groundwork for the entry of science and technology parks and universities to be payed...


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